About Us

We are Stone Sword Games, a brand new developer studio based in Sherwood, Nottingham, UK. 

Stone Sword Games is the result of a brief meeting of minds in 2018 that blossomed into a strong and complementary business partnership.

Our two lead designers are:

Paul Allen


Paul is a lecturer for Confetti, a Nottingham-based specialist further and higher education college.

Paul has a fantastic approach to graphics and layout on the Tabletop - having already worked to publish previous titles in the Industry. His passion for games extends across genres into VR and immersion driven experiences that don't base themselves in the Tabletop. 

James Faulkner


James quit his budding career in Finance in 2018 to pursue his passion for Tabletop Gaming and putting his creativity to use in a growing industry. 

James' main interest is for new and exciting mechanics which add complexity to a game without reducing a game's accessibility to all ages and abilities. 


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