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Sausatralisia has struck Swill! And it's all for the taking...

Playing as a Hog General, you will command one of four Factions. Tommy's Trotters, The Sow-A-Krauts, The Piggy Stroika or Uncle Ham's Hogs.

A large Battlefield Board and dozens of Terrain pieces give you enough sandbox customisation to make hundreds of different Battlefield Maps.

Hogs of War features fun and robust base building mechanics, allowing you to deploy the army and upgrades you want on the field of battle!

Your base also allows you to make Swill pumps, this is the resource that allows you to buy and upgrade your units, there are also research stations – allowing you to add upgrades like Jetpacks or flamethrowers to your units!

Included with the boxed game is the Campaign Book. Containing 8 Mission Modes which all change the Win Condition of the game, this Campaign Book adds a huge amount of replay value to Hogs Of War The Miniatures Game. 

Cry Havok and let loose the hogs of war!

Combat is fast and lethal. Some units are better in close range, some are better at long, so you must deploy your units wisely to get the most out of them!

Planes and airships have their own special rules, allowing more flexibility in movement and seriously customisable airships so they can used for any role on the battlefield!

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