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Hogs Of War is back!


Relive the classic 2000's era PlayStation Title as a deeply tactical Miniatures Wargame.

With 96 Miniatures and dozens of Terrain pieces, Hogs is infinitely re-playable.

1 - 4 Players | 90 - 120 minute playtime | £89 MSRP


Sausatralisia has struck Swill! And it's all for the taking...


Playing as a Hog General, you will command one of four Factions. Tommy's Trotters, The Sow-A-Krauts, The Piggy Stroika or Uncle Ham's Hogs.

A large Battlefield Board and dozens of Terrain pieces give you enough sandbox customisation to make hundreds of different Battlefield Maps.

Included with the boxed game is the Campaign Book. Containing 8 Mission Modes which all change the Win Condition of the game, this Campaign Book adds a huge amount of replay value to Hogs Of War The Miniatures Game. 

Hog Miniatures included with the Core Edition:

  • 20 Grunt Hog Miniatures, in two variations. 

  • 32 Specialist Hog Miniatures, including 8 Bombardiers, 8 Snipers, 8 Orderlies and 8 Engineers.

  • 16 Tanks, in two variations. 

  • 8 Aqua Tanks.

  • 8 Armoured Cars.

  • 8 Biplanes, in two variations. 

  • 4 Airships.