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Hogs Of War is back- as a Tabletop Miniatures Game for 1 - 4 Players!


Command your favourite Faction from the original PS1 title... Recruiting Hogs, Tanks, Biplanes and Airships in your bid to conquer Saustralasia! 


The Campaign Book contains 8 core "Missions" with varying Primary Objectives. From "King Of The Swill"; where you must hold a central Objective against all odds... To "Catch the Pigeon"; a desperate race against your opponents to secure a moving Pigeon-borne Objective! 


For out-of-the-box play, simply choose the Mission, setup the Battlefield as indicated by the pre-set Map and away you go! Sandboxing a game of Hogs Of War couldn't be easier! With thousands of combinations of Terrain available in the Core Pledge, you can make Battlefields feel unique every time you play. 


Play Solo or team up with your friends in "Horde" mode- where you must defend your Hog Base against an endless horde of Hog enemies until relief arrives! A unique Solo AI deck makes the enemy intelligent to your every move- so make your shots count!

Hogs Of War The Miniatures Game

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