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1 - 4 Players . 15 - 20 minute playtime . £39 MSRP

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Four fearsome fighters feature in Senjutsu's first-wave release. 

The Master is a patient practitioner of Bushido, striking a balance between defence and offense. His special ability cards include some modest multidirectional actions as well as some fantastic defensive manoeuvres which reset and ready the aged swordsman for another attack. 

The Ronin is a furious and violent character, having thrown off all notions of battlefield piety and honour. He attacks quickly and exhausts his deck with action card discards in order to power up his attacks. 

The Student is the youngest of the four fighters and makes up for his lack of experience with energy and passion. His special ability cards are more aggressive than his Master's, but give players a lot of opportunity to get around their opponent's and out of harms way. 

The final fighter in the first wave is the Avenger, an Onna Bushi warrior armed with her giant No-Dachi Sword. Each special ability card could mean death for the opponent in a single blow, but the Onna Bushi must be positioned perfectly as her mighty blade is cumbersome compared with the short katanas of the other fighters. 

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