Let The Games Begin! 

Z-Ball is a brand new competitive card game for 1 to 4 players.


Designed to be quick to learn and free of language bias, it's easy to start playing with your friends and family.


When ready, switch and change up your team with new Team Cards to maximise your chances of winning the championship.

1 - 4 Players . 10 - 20 minute playtime . £18 MSRP

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Z-Ball features 2 full colour animal teams, the Blue Coast Raiders and the Jade Forest Swayers. 

Each team has a unique playstyle, with its own inbuilt card combinations and tactics. 

Designed to be portable, Z-Ball plays fantastically on the go and in the home. 


Open the box to find a fully illustrated stadium, complete with cheering fans. Roll the Strike Dice and score, without worrying about losing it off the playing surface.

For Solo Play, unleash the Darkwood Wilds Team. This AI Deck intelligently reacts to the game's progress, giving solo players a real challenge. 

Each Box Contains:

x25  Blue Coast Raider Team Cards

x25  Jade Forest Swayer Team Cards

x25  Darkwood Wilds Team Cards (Solo Team)

x1 Unique Stadium Lid Roller

x1  Z-Ball Custom Dice x10  Strike Cards

x1  Rulebook

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