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picture of: Daimyo box art board game cover

Fight for control over Japan as a legendary Daimyo in this Euro-style historical game. Design by Martin Wallace


Martin Wallace,

Paul Allen, James Faulkner

Players: 1-6

Playtime: 90-180 Minutes

picture showing: daimyo busts models miniatures

It is the era of Sengoku Jidai and Japan is in turmoil.

Graphic: Daimyo sign up now

Take on the role of one of six powerful feudal lords battling to conquer Japan in Daimyo, a historically grounded area control game from Martin Wallace.

Compete to control over 60 provinces, each represented by a beautiful modular miniature, planting clan flags to symbolise the spread of your influence.

Each Daimyo possess unique historically-inspired asymmetric abilities that can be exploited to hoard resources, form allegiances and accrue power.

Dominate regions to maximise rewards, or share control via temporary allegiances for shared gains.

In the Alliance phase, offer monetary gifts to secure beneficial partnerships with fellow Daimyo, but remember; only one can be victorious… Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!     

During the Action phase, leverage the benefits of your provinces to recruit Samurai, assemble a naval fleet and construct beneficial logistical networks across the country.

The War phase utilises a diceless combat system that promotes deep, strategic play; marshal your forces behind powerful war leaders to crush your enemies.
Call upon the support of 26 clans, but beware of the shifting priorities of fickle allies that may foil your plans.  

Daimyo blends beautiful hand-drawn artwork, tense tabletop negotiation and deep strategy on a grand scale.  So gather your forces, rally your allies and stake your claim in Daimyo: Battle for Japan.

Ultimately there can be only one Shogun!

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