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Designers: Martin Wallace, Paul Allen, James Faulkner

Players: 1-6

Playtime: 60-180 Minutes

We are delighted to announce that we are working with Martin Wallace to produce the next game in our Battle for Japan series Daimyo!

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In the Action Phase, you'll generate resources to invest in your Clan's domain. Buy in special resources, procure new troops and upgrades, recruit agents such as magistrates and Ninja and more!

An army marches on its stomach, make sure you've invested in enough Horses and Ships to allow armies to transport great distances from their home provinces. Conquer the enemy provinces and expand your influence!

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Daimyo is a 'Euro'-style, area control, strategy game set in the Sengoku era of Japan!  Control one of six powerful Clan factions, conquering Japan as their historical Daimyo, as you are pitted against other players for domination of Japan.

Gameplay centres around 3 distinct 'War Phases'. Each War Phase allows you to suggest and vote for alliances with or against the other players. Players bid using 'Koku', an in-game resource to increase the chances of securing their chosen alliance, teaming up to resist stronger players or to use cunning abilities to accrue power.



Forge alliances with other players to bolster the defence of your provinces, or send your armies to besiege the enemy. A Daimyo who defends his allies will gain Honour and prestige, don't forget a dishonourable victory can be damaging that an honourable defeat. 

Ultimately there can be only one Shogun!

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