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Senjutsu is a ferocious Samurai duelling game for 1 to 4 players.


Choose from the Student, Master, Warrior and Ronin, crafting a deck of 40 Ability Cards to represent your Samurai and their fighting style.

Winning the game is simple, inflict 5 wounds to the enemy Samurai and they are defeated.


Senjutsu includes a beautiful hex-based Battlefield Board which provides the perfect gaming surface for this tight, melee-driven board game. 

The core set

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The Ronin

 The Ronin is a Masterless Samurai and heavily armoured monster, built for war.  

He is without honour, striking without mercy with his Naginata, a bladed spear. 

The Ronin's Ability Cards utilise both range and aggression to keep all opponents on the back foot. With his heavy armour, turn aside the enemy blows and keep up the pressure to wear them down until they can be slain. 

The Master

The Master or Sensei uses the ways of old to focus his mind and strike precisely with his heirloom blade. He is a patient and measured fighter, able to use his unique Ability Cards to defend himself in almost any situation whilst still retaining the ability to attack. 

On the battlefield, his expert training means that any surrounding Hex may be vulnerable to unusual and highly situational strikes!

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The Warrior

 The vengeful Warrior, or Onna-Musha (Female Samurai) travels the land searching for the Ronin responsible for killing her family in cold blood. She wields an O-Dachi, a two metre long blade, echoing the legendary female Samurai Tomoe Gozen.


Her Signature Ability Cards focus on extreme aggression and savage killing blows. She is vulnerable to attrition-based attacks and exhaustion but hits hard enough to put fear into many of her opponents.

The Student

The agile Student, trained by the Master, is a young and ferocious Samurai, desperate to forge his own path in the changing vistas of Japan.


His Signature Ability Cards focus on flexibility, a smooth ramping up of aggression and strong, straight-forward attacks. 

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The Ninja

The Ninja or Concealed Warrior, is quick and deadly. Armed with the Kusarigama, a chained flail and sickle, he moves with the environment as his ally.

His unique Ability Cards feature tricks, secret weapons and smoke bombs. Use these unusual cards to escape from tight spots on the battlefield and fight on. However, beware long combats! The Ninja suffers when exposed to the light of day. 

Shadow under Steel

Ashigaru  And Dog new background.png

Take control of the Steadfast Ashigaru and his trusty Dog Hachiko. The Ashigaru is a common soldier of Japan armed with a simple Yari, but with his Dog he is a serious threat!

Or the Fearsome Assasin who uses stealth and trickery to overcome the foe. Ready for fast and lethal strikes!

Assasin New background.png

The Gathering Storm

sohei new background.png

The Monk and the Sailor face off!

The Monk playstyle revolves around the idea of balance, control yourself to gain the strongest attacks!

The Sailor hails from Europe with a unique fighting style, dapper hat and a lethal pistol!

Sailor new background.png

When two Worlds Collide

Wokou new background.png

Yasuke is an actual historical figure from the Era who served as a "retainer and weapon-bearer" to Oda Nobunaga, armed with two swords this warrior might not be a samurai but he packs a punch!

The Wakou pirates were pirates who caused carnage in the Seas of Japan, armed with a brutal Kanabō club and jar of sake. 

Yasuke new background.png

The Wolf At The Door

Yojimbo new baclground.png

The honourable Onna-Bugeisha faces off against the Ruthless Yojimbo.

The Onna-Bugeisha is a unique fighter who gets more dangerous the more hurt she gets, meanwhile the Yojimbo is a contract killer mercenary who can win by defeating his foe or by completing his contracts.

Onna Bugeisha new background.png

Senjutsu Legends: Musashi and Kojirō

musashi new background.png

Two historic legendary Samurai face off.

Both arrogant and powerful swordsmen, take control of one of these 2 heroes in their fateful duel. Musashi utilises a two weapon style with his bokken and katana, where as Kojiro is armed with the longer silver Fox.

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Would you like to see even more Samurai action on a smaller scale?

Check out Senso!

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