Vietnam, 1968:

You are elite soldiers on a special rescue mission.

There's only one catch...

 the night is coming and so are the Werewolves!

1 - 6 Players . 60 - 120 minute playtime . £89*/ £45 MSRP


Full Moon Jacket is a fast paced co-operative squad based miniature game that is easy to pick up and play for new players and provides tactical depth for seasoned war game veterans.

Your goal as elite soldiers is to locate, defend and extract the Colonel. Use your unique abilities and signature equipment to find bigger more powerful weapons, set traps and craft items to survive the night as endless Werewolves spawn throughout the Vietnam Jungle. 

Each game is unique, with reversible modular boards, random supply drops, werewolf spawns and the location of the colonel changing every game.

As a team you must work to change and adapt your plans and tactics to achieve your objective.

What's in the box?

  • 42 Miniatures (Mini Version Only*)

  • 42 Card Standees

  • 6 Double Sided Boards

  • 12 Signature Weapon Cards

  • 6 Character Boards

  • 24 Turn Event Cards

  • 40 Supply Cards

  • 14 Custom Die

  • 124 Tokens

  • 30 Scavenge Cards

  • 42 Crafted Item Cards

  • 2 Reference Cards

  • Rulebook and Echo Team Campaign Book