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Hogs of War features fun and robust base building mechanics, allowing you to deploy the army and upgrades you want on the field of battle!

Once units are spawned, lead them in a 1-4 player  open war, with infantry, tanks and aircraft vying to crush their foes and take the vital swill for themselves!

grunt pink.png
Tommy render.png

The Grunt is the most basic unit type, armed with a trusty rifle, the Grunts can be used to take control points, swill pumps and muck in when digging trenches!

In combat they are no slouch, firing 2 blue dice at 2 hexes and using the bayonet for a mighty red close combat dice at 1 hex range.

Kraut render.png

They may not be flashy, but they are the dependable backbone of any hog force!

Orderly purp.png

The Orderly sees to it that all of your piggies healthy and happy on the field!

Spending an action to heal all nearby friendly units can really turn the tide of battle as the orderly fixes up whole sections of battlefield!

As for offensive weaponry the Orderly isn't a slouch! Armed with a rifle himself he rolls 1 blue and 2 red dice at 1 or two hexes, he won't go down without a fight!

Orderly render_edited.png
Engineer render.png
engineer pink.png

The Engineer is the master of building on the battlefield! From trenches and bunkers, to artillery and hedgehogs to stop tanks in their tracks!

Armed with a shotgun, this hog can be there on the front lines to support his comrades when the situation gets scary!

He is also a vehicles best friend as he is the only way to repair a damaged tank or aircraft, so your strongest units can become nearly unstoppable!

bombardier purp.png

The Bombardier ​is the heavy long range support of the forces, perfect for cracking open tanks, bunkers or anything mad enough to get into range!

Able to make his attacks significantly more dangerous by spending extra action points, a bombardier in a well defended position can change whole battles!

When you need something blowing up, accept no substitutes!

Bombardier render.png
Sniper render.png
Sniper pink.png

The skilful and deadly Sniper! 

Although he's only armed with a rifle, the Snipers have an enormous range on their attacks and a large amount of damage to boot!

Perfect for eliminating high value targets and throwing a spanner in the enemies plans!


The two alliances each have a unique Tank, both utterly lethal to their enemies but with their own unique characteristics!

When the enemy entrenches their forces and a deadlock ensues, there is nothing like a Tank to shatter enemy defences.

Tommy Tank render.png
Kraut Tank render_edited.png

The two alliances each have a unique Tank, both lethal in their effectiveness but with their own unique play style!

Iron Hog.png

Slightly smaller than the Fat Willie Tank, the Iron Hog tanks are cheaper but still pack a mighty punch!  

As it only has one main gun on the front, it only has one firing mode, however its most common type of shot is stronger than the Willie even if it cannot barrage. It also is bristling with machine guns so can fire out of its rear to scare off any infantry it encounters!

Fat Willie.png

The Largest of the Tanks in Hogs of War, this monster may be expensive but packs an almighty punch!

These behemoths have two sponson guns plus a gun at the front meaning they can spread around their firepower around the whole front of the Tank, or they can barrage forward with all guns and smash one target into oblivion!


Not even the skies are safe in Saustralasia! 

Enormous Airships compete with nimble Planes to control the skies and harass or bomb enemy units!

airship assembly.png
airship pink.png
Airship Render.png

The Planes of Saustralasia are a terrifying threat to any other unit on the battlefield!

With incredible speed, high manoeuvrability and lethal guns that can just as easily shred infantry, clear the skies of other planes or even blow up tanks! 

card with flight indicators AND BOMBS.png
Tommy BiPlane Render_edited.png

Move  the flight indicators to set your speed and directions, but watch out! If you suffer damage you may lose a rudder or get a damaged propeller, meaning you might be locked into or out of certain speeds and unable to turn in the direction you want!

Kraut BiPlane render.png

There are even legendary planes like the Red bacon terrifying the skies!


Every Airships is all unique, there are 12 ship part cards in the game, and you buy each one individually allowing you to make the blimp as large or as small as you like!


It is only required to have a front and back and then as many middle sections as you want! ​ You can specialise them to be long range fire support, arm them with esoteric equipment like the KLAW that allows you to pick up friendly vehicles and hover them across the battlefield, or even set up a "parahog" bay, allowing you to deploy troops up the battlefield to spawn in vulnerable spots in the enemy lines! ​


Bristling with Guns and with a tonne of customisation options to cause chaos amongst your foes the Airships are a generals most powerful weapon!


If you like the miniatures game, Check our Hogs of War the Card game!

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