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"680 backers pledged £19,627 to help bring this project to life."

Hogs Of War has funded!

That special 19th December deadline rushed forward to meet us, seemingly accelerating as things got rather exciting! (As all the while the first day of launch became a foggier and foggier memory.)

But we made it, we're there. Stone Sword Games has officially pulled it off. 1 KickStarter funded with many more to go!

Paul and I have had an absolute blast working together in this project and there's a lot of gratitude that needs handing out. Hogs has enjoyed a tremendous amount of support, not just from the fans (which goes beyond words) but also from friends, family, significant others and the industry at large.

Professionally I would like to thank Niall McGonagle, our wonderful artist, Mike White (Our ace Comic Book Artist) and Simon Strike, our diligent editor (Boardgame Yarns).

Special mentions go to Paul Nugent (Red Rex Games), James Hewitt and Sophie Williams (Needy Cat Games), Nick Welford (Zatu and Board Game Exposure), Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies and their hardworking students, Chris Kingsnorth and his charity-driven Protospiel event and finally, but not least, the National Video Game Museum, based in Sheffield, for hosting our pop-up event. Without your advice and support Hogs would not have been half the project it is today!

There are some really amazing reveals in the pipeline for 2020, including some collaborations you won't see coming! (Trust me). Stay tuned and follow our social media to stay caught up (Instagram; Stone_Sword_Games, Facebook; StoneSwordGamesUK).

I wish you all a fantastic Christmas and a happy New Years!



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19 de dez. de 2019

Congrats on your hugely successful campaign! :)

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