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It is a standalone game that does not require Senjutsu to play and is very compact, making it a perfect travel game!

Mechanically, Sensō is a light 'trick-taking' game with an area control twist. Seize control of Japan, wresting provinces from your enemies in this 'King Is Dead' meets Whist.


Senso display 1.jpg

Sensō comes with an all-new Battle For Japan standard 54 card deck, meaning that you can finally play Senjutsu Poker or even Senjutsu Snap.

Senso display 2.jpg

Sensō features 4 Clans, the Mōri, Oda, Takeda and Uesugi and is historically grounded and full of wonderful nods to Japan's Sengoku period. As you can see the artwork is really something special, with Raben hand painting a unique character for each King, Queen, Jack and jokers.

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