Hogs Of War The Card Game is Stone Sword Games' first publication. Licensed from the PlayStation Cult Classic (2000), Hogs launched on Kickstarter 19th November 2019, Hogs received over £19,500 in funding and 680 backers in 30 days and passed 11 stretch-goals.

Hogs Of War pits two players/teams against each other in a fun and frantic melee. The intuitive lane system is completely unique and abstracts the freedom of the original PS1 title into a simple but surprisingly deep game mechanic. 


Hogs Of War The Miniatures Game is Stone Sword Games' second successful Kickstarter raising over £112,000. Hogs Of War The Miniatures Game is already stuffed to the brim with content Including 96 Hog Grunts, Tanks, Planes and the infamous Airship!!

A 1-4 Player Tabletop Miniatures Game with Tech-Tree, Hidden Movement and Base-Building mechanics. Solo and Co-op Modes included!

Release The Hogs of War!

Full Moon Jacket is a solo and co-operative squad based game in which players take roles of various unique US Marines and Vietnamese Fighters in the Vietnam War.
Each character brings their own skills and signature equipment in order to survive against endless waves of Werewolves as Dusk turns to Night.


The Battle For Japan: Daimyo

A deck building samurai miniatures game set in the Sengoku Jidai period. 


Choose your Clan, each with its own specialities, bonuses and historical Daimyos.


Develop provinces, recruit armies and lead your loyal Samurai into battle to eventually become Shogun of all Japan.

COMING 2021.


A brand new CCG game.  Fast paced tactical competitive card game.


Smashing together Avatar : the last Air Bender and Kung-Fu Panda.



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