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FAQ and

Rules and 



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Graphic showcasing: Daimyo board game art cover board game


Fight for control over Japan as a legendary Daimyo in this Euro-style historical game.

Principle Game Design by Martin Wallace.

Developed by James Faulkner, Paul Allen and Dan Knight.

1-6 Player Area Control game featuring;

  • Stunning Castle and Fortress miniatures,

  • Dice-less Gameplay,

  • Historically-derived game setups and strategies,

  • Full art cards and boards.

Graphic showcasing: Senjutsu board game art cover
Graphic showcasing: Hogs of War Board game cover art
Graphic showcasing: Full Moon Jacket board game art cover
Daimyo Strip.png

A tense, fast-play Samurai duelling game, with beautiful miniatures, expansive deck-crafting mechanics and memorable showdowns.

Hogs Of War Strip.png

A 1-4 Player Tabletop Miniatures Game with Tech-Tree, Hidden Movement and Base-Building mechanics. Solo and Co-op Modes included!

Full Moon Jacket Strip.png

Vietnam, 1968: You're elite soldiers on a special rescue mission. But watch out! The night is coming and so are the Werewolves!

Picture showing: samurai queen daimyo Senso Senjutsu board game

Fun and Feel!

With all of our games we consider how we want a game to feel first, for example if we want a game about a duel it has to actually feel like a duel, so that is the first step.
After that we focus on making it fun, fun is core to our game designers because if it isn't fun frankly what is the point! And once we have a game feeling right and that's fun to play, we balance the game so it’s enjoyable and fair for solo or multiplayer games.


We believe communication is key for a company.
As such through all our Kickstarters we have strived to deliver updates on everything from the game rules, our design philosophy to how far along manufacturing process is.
We endeavour to maintain regular contact with fans, through emails messages and regular social media updates

Picture showing: Lord Flashhog Hogs of War board game
Picture showing: Full Moon Jacket vietnamese character close up art

High Value

We aim to deliver high quality products for all of our releases.
This can mean high quality playing pieces/models, top quality design work from our in house artist or vigorously play tested game systems, so that whichever game you play and what your focus is you are delivered a complete and awesome product!

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