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Hogs Of War
The Card Game

Hogs Of War: Bay Of Pigs

Hogs Of War The Card Game is Stone Sword Games' first publication. Licensed from the PlayStation Cult Classic (2000), Hogs launched on Kickstarter 19th November 2019, Hogs received over £19,500 in funding and 680 backers in 30 days and passed 11 stretch-goals.

Hogs Of War pits two players/teams against each other in a fun and frantic melee. The intuitive lane system is completely unique and abstracts the freedom of the original PS1 title into a simple but surprisingly deep game mechanic. 

The Bay Of Pigs expansion for Hogs of War was released alongside the core product in November 2019.

Bay Of Pigs features 5 new Hogs for the players to choose from, including the Spy and the Commando, letting the players interfere with their opponent's plans and sabotage their cards. 

12 new and wacky types of equipment cards are also included in this expansion which seamlessly join the core set to make games even more exciting! 

TBC 2020 Untitled Samurai Game

** Redacted **

Coming 2020 will be Stone Sword's best project yet. Play the iconic armies of the Sengoku period as you fight to become the ruler of all Japan. 

Inspired by the brilliant Total War series of games, Stone Sword aims to create a fun, brutal and pocket-sized adaption of the Warring States period. 

More Info Coming Soon!

"Only be sure that you do not eat the blood,

for the blood is the life,

and you shall not eat the life with the flesh." 

Deuteronomy 12:23

They walk amongst us. 

Coming Late 2020