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Hogs Shipping Update

Happy New Year Hogs fans! Paul and I hope you've had a great holiday wherever you are and are ready for 2022 and all the Hoggy goodness it'll bring!

Shipping Update:

Hogs Of War The Miniatures Game will be shipping to fulfilment centres after the Chinese New Year (February 1st-14th) and then to you straight after! (To reiterate the last update, no extra shipping will be charged to cover your delivery.)

Paul and I expect global shipping demand to settle down into the New Year and already have our freight booked and ready to go.

What do I need to know?

Shipping Addresses will be locked in this month, you will be given a final notice email 48 hours before they lock and I'll be triggering this 48 hour process next Friday.

Please check / set your address to where you will be living in March / April, so if you are moving home/ military base/ long holiday etc update your address via your BackerKit account.

New Upgraded Box Art:

By now you probably know what Paul and myself (James) are like! We had some time as the final components were being produced so we decided to upgrade some components.

Have a look below- Paul has done a fantastic job on the Team Lard expansion box- mocking it up to resemble the original (PS1) Hogs Of War title we played and loved!

Team Lard and Deluxe Edition Box Covers

(Paul being a perfectionist has even created a "war crate" effect for the Deluxe Components- it's looking pretty sharp!)

I'll run another Update out when I send out the final 48 hours notice too- any problems email me at .

Much love,

James (and Paul!)


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