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Privacy Policy

Stone Sword Games takes your privacy seriously. To that end we will answer the most common questions relating to GDPR compliance here in the UK:



Who is collecting it?

Stone Sword Games Ltd.


What information is being collected?

We collect your email addresses and name only. Orders made through our webstore may also collect a given address and phone number.


How do you collect my data?

Through opt-in methods such as a mailing list form, Kickstarter survey or via email.


Why do you collect my data?

Stone Sword Games collects your data for marketing purposes and to facilitate the completion of any web orders you may have made.


How will my data be used?

Customers may receive emails with relevant product information and news from Stone Sword Games, ordinarily in the form of a monthly newsletter. Your email may be used to get in contact with you regarding any issues or directly relevant announcements.


Will my data be shared?

Your data is safely secured on our host’s servers and only accessible for members of the Stone Sword Games team. Your data will only ever be shared with your express permission, whether that permission is collected by us or selected partners.


Is the intended use of my data likely to cause complaints?  

To be GDPR compliant, we only contact customers who have opted into our website or mailing list forms with the clearly defined objective of receiving updates from Stone Sword Games.


If you wish to complain or unsubscribe, please email

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