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Welcome to Stone Sword Games!

Thank you for visiting our blog here at Stone Sword Games. We are off to a flying start with more than 800 Likes + Follows our Facebook page in less than a week.

This Blog will be home to our;

Production Diaries: Where we look at ongoing and open projects, talk about the shifts in the industry and how we react to your feedback, play-testing and the advice of fellow industry professionals.

Sneak-peaks: Each week we aim to bring you guys something on the blog that hasn't been seen yet- this might be new art or concepts from our projects or it might be exclusives from other creators that we work with.

Open Articles: Sometimes we just really want your thoughts and feedback on an issue- this is where we will discuss something that we wanted to reflect on and put it out to you for more perspectives.

Please again subscribe to our Twitter (Stoneswordgame1), our Insta (Stone_Sword_Games) and go check out Hogs Of War The Card Game on Facebook! ( )

All the best,



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